A NEW INDEPENDENT supermarket is opening in Andover tomorrow (Friday, December 4).

Magazin Alimentar on Union Street is Andover's first-ever Romanian specialist supermarket and will be the only one of its kind for miles.

Owners Anna and Nik Rosep hope they will bringing something new to the market and said they're excited for the town to try out their produce.

Anna said: "There is a real demand locally. We are delighted to be in Andover and have found local people of all nationalities really helpful and friendly, we open on Friday, December 4."

Steve Godwin, manager of Andover Bid, said: " ‘There is no doubt about it independent business owners are passionate about their vision for the future.

"Andover is a small market town geographically well-placed within Hampshire, it has excellent road networks and low-cost car parking which makes a great place to make a local investment.

He added: "The Andover Bid works closely with all of its businesses and supports them in whatever way helps the individual business.We put a lot of resource and time into marketing the town and encouraging people to shop local and support where they can."

The shop will sell a range of Romanian packed goods including meats, vegetables and frozen items as well as stocking items from other nation countries.