Good morning friends. Yesterday our second lock down came to an end, subject to ‘the rule of six’.

How you feel about this, with Christmas 23 days away, will depend wholly on your status, whether you’re retired, out of work, self-employed, in employment, a business owner, or franchisee; we see it from our point of view.

It has affected every age group and demographic, including babies, toddlers, children, teenagers, young adults, pensioners, the elderly, the infirm, those in care, patients, prisoners and students.

The list is simply endless.

What and who you are will dictate how you will feel now that this lockdown is over. Each viewpoint is valid as it will appertain to you.

For me the restoration of human contact is the most significant and precious commodity that this virus has deprived us of, such as:

n The soothing comforting hand on a patient quietly suffering.

n The hug from a friend when you meet.

n The loving embrace from your partner.

This virus showed us that the human spirit will not be squashed diminished or extinguished.

Loving and indeed love, is the one emotion that cannot be killed off by the virus.

I think of Nelson Mandela believing love conquers all.