Larkhill, Shrewton & Bulford Camp region has seen 26 new coronavirus cases in the last seven days, figures have shown.
The rolling rate of the area is 240.6 per 100,000 of the population, which is significantly above the national average.
In contrast, all its nearby regions remain below the national average.
Andover London Road & East Anton also saw 17 new cases this week, but this is a decline from 22 new cases it witnessed in the previous seven days. The area’s rolling rate is 100.2
Amesbury is the only other region in the borough with double-digit new coronavirus cases. At a rolling rate of 89, Amesbury has seen 11 new cases this week.
The new cases in Over Wallop & Shipton Bellinger, Andover Charlton & the Bourne Valley, Andover Central, Nether Wallop, Kings Somborne & Dunbridge, Overton & North Waltham, Andover South, Andover West, Whitchurch & Ashmansworth, Tidworth & Ludgershall, Andover Newbury Road, Chilbolton, Clatford & Barton Stacey and Durrington & Bulford remain in single digits.
An interactive map on the government website shows just how many people have tested positive for the virus in each area of the county over the seven-day period up to Tuesday, December 1.
Public Health England breaks down the numbers of coronavirus cases into neighbourhoods called 'Middle Super Output Areas’ (MSOAs), which are smaller than council wards and based on population rather than geographical area.
The interactive map allows users to type in their postcode and see how many cases were reported in their area and if it has increased or decreased from the week before. The darker the colour on the image, the more positive test results have been recorded.
The map highlights which areas of the nation have three or more confirmed cases of the virus and colour co-coordinates the areas by how many cases they have.

The full list of MSOAs in the Andover area, the number of cases in seven days as of December 1 (in brackets, the number of cases in the previous week)

Over Wallop & Shipton Bellinger - 4 (3)
Andover Charlton & the Bourne Valley - 3 (9)
Andover Central - 4 (6)
Nether Wallop, Kings Somborne & Dunbridge - fewer than 3 cases (9)
Larkhill, Shrewton & Bulford Camp - 26 (11)
Andover London Road & East Anton - 17 (22)
Overton & North Waltham - 3 (6)
Andover South - 5 (5)
Andover West - fewer than 3 cases (6)
Whitchurch & Ashmansworth - 5 (4)
Amesbury - 11 (8)
Tidworth & Ludgershall - 3 (11)
Andover Newbury Road - 5 (2)
Chilbolton, Clatford & Barton Stacey - 5 (3)
Durrington & Bulford - 4 (2)