A TIDWORTH man has been accused of seeking sexual favours from young women in exchange of room for rent.

A former developer from Tidworth in Wiltshire, allegedly offered a room in his six-bedroom semi-detached house to an undercover reporter in exchange of ‘naked’ massages.

The man, who claimed to be 50 but is 70 according to the electoral roll, had posted an advert for a 'free room' for a 'single attractive young female' on Craigslist in October, according to MailOnline.

When The Advertiser attempted to contact him, he did not respond to comment.

After the undercover reporter contacted him, Mr Allard allegedly texted: “You do understand the room's not completely free, I would be expecting something off you in return.”

Asked what he meant, he said: “It's a good deal, no bills or deposit or rent... ime sure your not shy what you offering [sic].”

The reporter sent a picture of her face, but he allegedly requested more photographs, asking her to send 'a nice picture of yourself as if you interested [sic]'. He allegedly said he was seeking a 'weekly arrangement', adding: "I like giving massages and pleasuring a woman. Anything else would be nice. What are you prepaired to do for me? [sic]."

When the reporter asked him to explain what he was expecting, he said Craigslist was a site for more 'personal' arrangements, adding: 'Normally you would go on a site like SpareRoom.com or roomtolet... but obviously you're not in a position where you can do that because they'd want, like, a month's money up front plus a deposit plus references and normally a guarantor... I don't charge anything. I pay all the bills myself.'

MailOnline reported he was reluctant to outline what he would want in exchange for the lodging. He said he had to be 'careful' and he was concerned he might be being recorded.

He added: 'You are a college student, so you should've been around the block a few times... nothing's free in this life is it, you understand? What I expect from you. Well, we're both adults, well nearly anyhow, you're nearly an adult.'

Mr Allard said he would like to give and receive a weekly massage from the reporter 'with a little bit of friendliness and a little bit of touching' in exchange for the room.

He assured her he wouldn't 'push' for anything else, adding: “Trust me, I'm a gentleman.”