A takeaway in Ludgershall has been given a revised hygiene rating of five, months after it received a zero based on an inspection by Wiltshire Council.

Hong Kong Chinese was initially given a ‘zero’, the worst possible rating, after inspections on September 11 and 15 under the Food Hygiene Rating Scheme (FHRS).

The takeaway since underwent significant improvements in hygiene measures. The inspecting officer who reviewed the business on November 11 reported that all four notices were complied with.

But the takeaway’s hygiene rating could not be changed immediately as it was only a review. It later requested for a re-rating inspection, which was delayed due to lockdown restrictions.

The new rating has been given based on an inspection on January 15.

Under FHRS, a business is rated from zero to five, with five representing a very good premises, and zero for those that need urgent improvement. The grades are given based on how hygienically the food is prepared, cooked, cooled, and stored, and the cleanliness of the building.