An Andover mother-of-four died from an accidental overdose, an inquest has found.

Tara Stiles, 33, was found dead at a flat on Bridge Street, on April 14 last year.  

At an inquest into Tara’s death today (Thursday, March 11), Winchester Coroner's Court heard how she died after accidentally overdosing on prescription medication and opioid drugs.

A 25-year-old man from Andover, Kieron Wallder, was initially arrested on suspicion of her murder.

However, he later died after being released on police bail and officers confirmed the death was no longer being treated as suspicious.

A toxicology report from the post-mortem detected raised levels of Diazepam, which had been prescribed to treat Miss Stiles’ mental health issues, as well as three other opioid drugs.

The mother-of-four suffered from emotionally unstable personality disorder, anxiety and depression.

The court was told she had ‘difficulty managing intense emotions’ and had a history of alcohol and drug misuse.

Her addiction if thought to have begun after Tara, then aged 15, moved to a council estate in the UK after growing up in army quarters in Germany.

Tara is said to have started taking drugs and drinking alcohol and became involved in ‘a number of bad relationships’.

Sir Donald Neil, Tara’s father, told the court: “Tara was one of the kindest, loving people you have ever met. One of the people if you asked her for her last tin of food, she would give it to you before she had it herself. I love her to bits, she was my whole world.”

He went on to describe his daughter as a ‘devoted’ mother who ‘would do anything’ for her children.

Adding she ‘never had one good relationship in all her life’ and that Tara’s choice in men was ‘the worst it could possibly be’.

It was noted by health professionals that in recent years Tara had ‘clearly worked hard at abstaining’ from both drink and drugs and had been attending twice weekly AA meetings.

In the days leading up to her death, Tara and Kieron Wallder had been spending time together, despite her father stating she had recently moved away from Andover in an attempt to ‘protect’ herself from Mr Wallder.

On the night of April 13, both Tara and Kieron had taken a mixture of drugs and went to bed.

On April 14, Dan Baker, a friend of Tara’s, went to Kieron Wallder’s flat after not hearing from her and growing concerned for her safety.

A statement read out at the inquest detailed, that when Mr Baker arrived at the flat, Tara was ‘unresponsive on the bed’.

Mr Baker claimed Mr Wallder refused to call an ambulance and when Mr Wallder was asked to find a defibrillator, he replied ‘I am not going I’m naked’.

Paramedics arrived and attempted to resuscitate Miss Stiles for almost an hour before she was pronounced dead.

Recording his verdict coroner Jason Pegg determined Tara’s death was a result of misuse of drugs believing that Tara did not ‘intend the outcome’.

He offered his sympathy to her family and concluded by saying: “Tara was someone who we know was a kind, generous and loving young lady. Who was very much loved by [her father] and [his] wider family.”