Plans to build a 10m high fence in the middle of Tidworth have been thrown out following objections by residents.

The Ministry of Defence had submitted plans for the fence around the sports ground on Pennings Road, which would have covered three sides backing onto highways. Residents had objected to the plans, with Tidworth’s mayor having called the plans in.

Following consideration by the council, the plans have now been refused.

Mark Connolly, Mayor of Tidworth, welcomed the rejection of the fence, saying: “The fencing would have looked horrendous in the open area in the centre of the town.

“Despite trying to get the MoD to adapt their plans, none were forthcoming.”

Plans for the fence were submitted on January 11, with fencing consisting of metal poles and netting around a relocated sports pitch, with the barrier’s height ranging between six and 10m high. There would have been no fencing to the west, where it have remained open to the path.

Residents labelled the plans “an unnecessary eyesore” and “awful”, while the town council objected on the grounds of the height of the fencing. Despite changes to the plans by the MoD, including less poles and a “largely transparent” mesh, residents continued to have concerns.

Following consideration by the council, the plans were recommended for rejection, which councillors accepted. In its rejection report, Wiltshire Council said: “The proposed fencing around the sports pitch would result in an obvious and prominent form of development within an open and undeveloped area which contributes positively to wider townscape character.”

The plans were also linked to those to build an 80-space car park near to the Garrison Theatre on part of the land near the sports ground.

This part of the application is “desperately needed”, according to Cllr Connolly, who said: “The application for this would have been approved if it were not for MOD linking the fencing around the sports pitch with the car park application.”

Following the refusal, the MoD may appeal, or submit modified versions of the plans.