An Andover man is to appear in court after being arrested on an e-scooter outside The Swallow.

Ryan Humphreys, of Spey Court, was allegedly stopped by officers outside the pub on Wednesday, June 2, after it is said that he was spotted driving the vehicle on Pilgrims Way.

The 29-year old has now been bailed after being charged with driving without a licence, failing to provide a specimen for analysis, cannabis possession, and driving without insurance.

The incident occurred at around 9:25pm on June 2, when he was allegedly spotted driving the scooter along the road.

Under the law, an e-scooter is classed as a motor vehicle, and so is bound by the terms of the Road Traffic Act – requiring an MOT, tax, and a license to be driven on a public road.

As a result, legally, the only place they can be driven is on private land with the landowners permission, as they don’t have numberplates, turn signals or visible rear red lights.

The government is trialling e-scooter rental schemes in four areas of the country, including Southampton, where it would be legal to use them for hire provided the user has a driver's license.

However, using them outside these areas in the scheme would still be illegal.

Following his arrest, Humphreys has now been bailed, and will appear at Basingstoke Magistrates' Court on June 17.