A 57-YEAR-OLD man, who lost his mother when he was 10, is looking for his relatives in Ludgershall in hope of knowing more about his family.

Trevor Kerr is looking to know more about his mum Mary Kerr, and her relatives – Marie and Ted Bevis and their children Simon and Jane.

He was living at Aldershot’s St Anthony’s Convent, a children’s home run by nuns, in 1974 when he lost his mother when she was only 33. Trevor, who lives in Surrey now, said his father would not tell him and his sister anything about their mother and that she is a mysterious figure to them now.

But, thanks to modern technology, Trevor and sister Amanda found out four months ago that their mother was buried at Ship Lane cemetery in Farnborough.

With the information on her gravestone, they managed to confirm the date of death and found the date certificate, which also had her date of birth.

Trevor is now hoping he can find his relatives who used to live in Ludgershall where he and Amanda spent holidays after the death of their mother.

Trevor told the Advertiser: “After my mum’s death, we had a few holidays staying with a Marie and Ted Bevis who lived in Ludgershall, Andover during the late 70s to 80s.

“We remember they had a son Simon and a daughter Jane. My mother’s family history is scarce and we believe that Marie was either my mum’s sister or a very good friend and both lived in Newcastle West in Limerick in Ireland."

While doing a Google search, Trevor also came across an obituary of aunt Marie in the Advertiser in November 2009.

“We are desperate to try to trace family members of Marie and Ted who may have information not only on my mum’s life but also aunty Marie’s."

Trevor and Amanda have been trying various search engines like Google and Facebook to reach aunt Marie’s family, but with no luck.

If you know anything about Trevor’s mum or her relatives who used to live in Ludgershall, please reach us at kiran.sajan@andoveradvertiser.co.uk