PARENTS are being warned after worrying videos posted on TikTok allegedly show school children how to fake a false positive lateral flow covid test.

Videos of children and teenagers applying various liquids, such as fruit juice, to lateral flow tests have been viewed millions of times.

The trick is said to give children a fake positive result, allowing them to miss school to self-isolate.

Currently children have to self-isolate for 10 days if another pupil in their bubble tests positive for coronavirus meaning one fake positive test can impact many students.

Liquids such as apple, orange and blackcurrant juice as well as Coca-Cola are said to give a false positive results due to the acidity levels.

According to the iNewspaper, videos uploaded under the search term #fakecovidtest have been viewed more than 6.5 million times, with the dedicated account @.fakecovidtests having gained more than 20,000 followers.

Whilst the account and hashtags have now been removed from for breaching TikTok community guidelines, many videos still remain online.

When searching for videos the app states: “This phrase may be associated with behaviour or content that violates our guidelines. Promoting a safe and positive experience is TikTok's top priority.”

The Prime Minister is now facing calls to end the school bubble system on July 19 when all other restrictions in England are set to lift.

Former party leader Sir Iain Duncan Smith is among 48 MPs to have signed a letter to the Boris Johnson warning that the current policy is “disproportionate” and “unsustainable”.

The call came after official data showed that 279,000 children in England are isolating because of possible contact with a Covid-19 case.

Education Secretary Gavin Williamson has suggested that school bubbles will end when classes return after the summer holidays in September.

But the letter said it is essential that schools “go back to normal” when lockdown is lifted – set for July 19 – even if it is “just for the last few days of term”.

“This will send an important signal ahead of the autumn that the route to freedom is a ‘one-way road’ and genuinely ‘irreversible’,” the letter said.

It said pupils have suffered “unnecessary and significant disruptions” to their schooling during the pandemic in order to keep the rest of the country safe.

“They have lost physical fitness, suffered mental health damage, and experienced catastrophic learning loss,” it said.

“Children need normality, security and certainty. If we are to have a hope of levelling up and building back better, we must restore children’s school lives to normal so they can recover their health, wellbeing, education and their futures.”

The Prime Minister said he understands the “frustration” over whole bubbles being sent home to isolate but said the Public Health England review into favouring testing over isolation is still under way.

“They haven’t concluded yet so what I want to do is just to be cautious as we go forward to that natural firebreak of the summer holidays when the risk in schools will greatly diminish and just ask people to be a little bit patient,” he said during a visit to the Nissan plant in Sunderland.