Andover residents have bemoaned the loss of ‘historic’ silos following a planning application that would see them demolished.

Switch Logistics bought the former grain silos off of Weyhill Road in Andover, with planning documents revealing that they intend to knock down the 20m edifices in order to convert the area into a new distribution site.

Residents have objected to the plans, with Gillian Hannington saying: “Andover has lost so much of its history. These silos stand as part of our agricultural history and should not be destroyed or forgotten, and were very much in use providing our grain for food.

“They will be a sight-seeing attraction for future generations, so should be maintained and remain standing.”

The site in question was originally developed into grain silos in the 1940s, with large concrete structures built on the land. The concrete silos were later condemned in the 1990s as unsuitable for storing grain, and were replaced by steel alternatives.

Switch Logistics applied last month for a certificate of lawful use on the site, allowing it to continue to use it for offices and distribution, after a ‘speculative purchase’ of the property.

Under their plans for the site, the concrete silos will be demolished, while the steel silos will be sold to another business for reuse elsewhere, which will be achieved under permitted development laws and require no separate planning permission.

The site will then be reduced to a hardstanding for lorries to park on, with the offices and warehouse to continue in use for the time being.

Other residents have raised concerns over the impact of noise and traffic that they claim could affect them if the site becomes a distribution hub.

Derek Davis said: “Although I'm very pleased that an eyesore will hopefully be coming down and the site will be put to good use, I have some concerns over the safety of cyclists, pedestrians and traffic at the entrance to the site.”

He said that “lorries will have difficulty in accessing Weyhill Road,” adding that the site will need to be reconfigured.

Meanwhile, Nicola Willman has queried if acoustic barriers will be put in place at the site, saying: “This site is very close to residential areas and if there is noise from the site early or late in the day this will be an issue. There are families living here, many of these have dogs and small children, I can see the additional noise being a major issue.”

Given the application is for a certificate of lawful use for the site, further applications on the structure and road layout at the site may be made in future to assuage these concerns.

Switch Logistics were contacted for comment.