Plans to convert a cottage into a planned supported living home that were controversially rejected are back on the drawing board as the owner seeks to move ahead with her plans.

Test Valley Borough Council (TVBC) was accused of “pure discrimination” by an Andover disabilities campaign group after plans to convert Creepers Cottage from a home were rejected on the grounds residents would make “disconcerting noises” and ‘throw items over neighbouring fences’ which would disturb neighbours.

An application for a lawful development certificate has now been made by Maddison Taylor, who has worked as a carer for many years. If approved, it would legally certify that the building can be used as a supported living home without planning permission.

Maddison did not respond to the Advertiser’s request for comment, but has previously said that she was having meetings with Test Valley representatives following outcry over the plan’s rejection.

Maddison applied to convert her family home into a supported living home in February, saying that she was inspired by her family’s history of caring for others, following her own career as a carer at Andover and District Mencap.

The plan was rejected in June on the grounds of noise objections alone by TVBC’s environmental health team. Following the decision being made public by the Advertiser, the council was accused of ‘appalling discrimination’ against those with disabilities.

Speaking at the time, a spokesperson for TVBC said it “is supportive of facilities of this nature, and this decision should not be interpreted to mean anything different”.

A petition set up to overturn the decision quickly reached hundreds of signatures, with offers of legal and financial support to take the case to the Planning Inspectorate for appeal.

Maddison also gained the backing of the mayor of Andover, Cllr Barbara Long, who said: “I hope they appeal it and I hope they win the appeal.”

The application for a lawful development certificate was submitted on August 5. The application notes that noise attenuation measures will be put in place internally if necessary, “but these are not anticipated to be required at this time.”

Maddison has said that each individual resident will sign a bespoke lease agreement in order to tailor their care to them, with two residents already lined up.

She said: “I have two residents I am confident about placing here if this all gets approved. One of these young adults is non-verbal and uses an iPad as his primary communication method, he is mobile but requires full time support.

“The second young adult is verbal, highly independent and requires little support. He enjoys ordinary activities like reading books, going for walks, and playing video games. Noise should not be an issue with either of these clients.

“The build-up of residents will be gradual and will not be immediate to approval. It may take up to a year to fill all the bedrooms available within the property.”

The plans are currently under consideration by TVBC officers. If you would like to have your say on the proposals, search Test Valley’s planning portal with the reference 21/02326/CLPN