An Andover man made an unusual find after discovering a “gun” at his new country of Sweden.

Paul D’Arcy relocated to the Scandinavian nation earlier this year, and brought his passion for magnet fishing along with him. The former Pilgrims Way resident was searching through the river in Stockholm when he found a heavy object, which he claims is a weapon.

“I was totally shocked," he told Swedish newspaper Expressen. “It was heavy already when it was on the magnet. But when I took it off, I realized, based on the weight, that it was not a toy. Then I put it down. I did not want to play with it because it was a weapon.”

However, police have been unable to determine if the weapon is real due to its poor condition, with the object to be tested by firearms experts in order to determine if it is genuine, and if so, if it is linked with any crimes.