Support services for victims of sexual and domestic abuse in Hampshire will receive extra money following successful applications for national funds.

Funding for male rape victims, and victims of domestic abuse, has been given a boost following the government’s acceptance of two bids from the county for the Critical Support Fund, for community-based sexual violence and domestic abuse support, and the Male Rape Support Fund. The bids were made through Hampshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner, Donna Jones.

She said: “Domestic abuse and rape are crimes that cause immense harm to the victim. We need to ensure that we are doing everything we can to ensure that access to the right help and support is available for all victims no matter their gender or where their need for support is first identified.

“The money that has been awarded through these two government funds will help to meet increasing demand and to reduce disparities in service.”

The Critical Support Fund will provide support for any exceptional or additional need to support victims of sexual violence and domestic abuse that cannot be met through existing funding.

The YOU Trust have been awarded £23,001 for the 2021/22 financial year and £36,750 for the 2022/23 financial year for a Health Independent Domestic Violence Advisor, who will work with victims attending hospitals and GP surgery to improve the services they are offered.

Meanwhile, additional specialist support will be provided to male victims of rape and sexual abuse through the Male Rape Support fund. The aim of the fund is to ensure specialist sexual violence services are equipped to deliver quality services that meet the specific needs of men and boys, and can respond to demand arising as a result of the pandemic.

Three organisations were awarded funding, including The YOU Trust, which was allocated £35,525; Yellow Door, which received £20,897 and Community First, which was earmarked £22,266.