A NUISANCE house that was lying vacant for three decades has been brought back to life after a private buyer purchased it from its owner.

The house on Charlton Road in Andover is bought by a person who has been looking to purchase it for two years, according to Test Valley Borough Council leader Phil North.

The council had been in long-standing negotiations with the previous owner, who had let the building fall into despair, Cllr North added.

The council had also initiated formal proceedings to agree a voluntary purchase of the property because of the lack of action from its previous owner.

As it had laid empty for almost three decades, councillors also took the view to pursue a compulsory purchase order in case the owner continued not to engage.

But with just 24 hours to go until the exchange of contracts with the council, the owner agreed to sell the house to the private buyer who had been trying to purchase it for at least two years, Cllr North added.

By the end of August, the two parties completed a swift exchange and completed the deal and handed over the property.

Cllr North said: “A huge thanks to Harroway Councillors, Tony Burley, Carl Borg-Neal and Karen Hamilton who have campaigned on this issue as well as former Town Councillor, Andy Fitchet, with whom I’ve exchanged frequent correspondence.

“It is a huge relief for everyone involved to finally see the end of this long running saga, not least the local residents who have had to live with this eyesore for a very long time.

“After all these years the property is now in the hands of a new owner, who I’m delighted to say is eager to transform the house and bring it back into use."