For Andover residents, 91 Charlton Road has always been a curious property.

Lying vacant for three decades, some residents even call it ‘Jumanji’ house because of its overgrown garden and the derelict looks.

But it is set to be changed soon.

The property, which had been neglected for nearly 30 years, has a new owner.

Two Andoverians—Darren Andrews and his partner Ella Attrill, who own Della Estates—have bought the house after a pursuit that lasted over two years.

Having secured the keys, Darren told the Advertiser that he decided to buy the house at least 10 years ago.

“I’m born and bred in Andover. I have driven past that house for as long as I can remember.

“I have always told myself – I wish I can buy that house, transform it and make it beautiful. Now we have finally done it and the house is mine.”

Darren said it was sad for Andover residents to see the house being in such a poor state.

“We want to see every house in Andover up and running and tenanted. And it wasn’t nice either for neighbours.”

Their plan is now to convert this derelict house into a beautiful property by buying from local shops and providing jobs for local tradesmen.

The deal has already sent the neighbours over the moon who have been visiting the property to see how the revamp works are progressing.

“We have people turning up at the house randomly to see how we are getting on and what we are going to do with it.”

Looking back, Darren said he is proud of what he has achieved so far.

Both Darren, 35, and Ella, 32, grew up in council estates in Andover.

“My first house was in King Arthur’s Way in Andover and Ella’s first home was in Pilgrim’s Way in Andover.

“Our story shows you can achieve any height if you are determined.”

The two entered the property business after successfully running two different firms.

Darren added: “My business was D A Cars which was a well-known dealership. It was quite successful and I sold it for six figures to pursue my property development dream.

“We started Della Estates from the ground up a couple of years ago. We have been working relentlessly 12 hours a day ever since.

“We now have a property portfolio of well over one million pounds.”

They now live in Gallaghers Mead with their daughter Sienna.

“We are doing it for her future. Hopefully one day she will become the boss of the company and by that time Della Estates will be a large property developer in Andover.”