FIGURES obtained by RADAR under the Freedom of Information Act show 38 sexual assault claims were made against male Hampshire Constabulary officers between 2016 and 2020.

More than a dozen police officers have been dismissed from Hampshire Constabulary since 2018.

Data shows that 13 constables, two inspectors and three sergeants were let go from the force in the past three years.

This comes after an inquiry was launched into “systematic failures” that allowed Wayne Couzens, Sarah Everard’s killer, to continue to be a police officer.

The list includes officers dismissed for sending inappropriate photographs to a woman, making or failing to challenge racist and sexist remarks, accessing personal data while not permitted to do so, falsely claiming to have a medical condition, working while unfit through drinking, drink driving, and dishonesty.

The news comes as a police chief has admitted that public confidence must be restored in officers after the murder of Sarah Everard.

Martin Hewitt welcomed plans to launch an independent inquiry to look at “systematic failures” that allowed her killer Wayne Couzens to be employed by the Met Police.

Mr Hewitt told how the case had sent “shockwaves” through every force in the country and described how police felt “betrayed” by Couzens, adding: “Individually and collectively, we’ve been disgusted, quite frankly, by the revelations that have emerged and the last weekend has been … one of the hardest.”

Chief Constable Olivia Pinkney said: “We expect all our officers and staff to uphold the highest levels of professionalism and integrity at all times, whether on or off duty, and we do not accept any conduct that does not meet these standards.

“Policing is built upon the values of professionalism, compassion, courage and integrity and the public have a right to expect the highest standards from the officers and staff who are entrusted to keep them safe.

“There is a robust system in place for reporting breaches of professional standards. Not only do we encourage our officers and staff to do so, we know they feel confident that we will take action.

"The vast majority of our dismissals have come from reports made via our internal reporting mechanisms, which shows that our people do report bad behaviour, and also gives real confidence to those joining us that any allegation against a police officer or member of police staff is taken extremely seriously and thoroughly investigated by our Professional Standards Department.

"Details of our misconduct cases are published on our force website in line with any rulings made.

“We welcome transparency, which helps us to achieve and maintain our high standards and ensure an inclusive environment for all our officers and staff."

The following is a list of Hampshire's dismissed officers:

Constable Harry Sidney Christopher Betts

He was dismissed from Hampshire Constabulary in 2018 for the following:

Sent inappropriate photographs of himself to a female recipient who knew he was a police officer;

Took photographs of sensitive information and forwarded one of the photographs to another employee of Hampshire Constabulary without there being an operational need to do so;

Discussed operational police matters with another employee of Hampshire Constabulary with no policing purpose;

Accessed a Hampshire Constabulary computer system without there bing any operational need or policing purpose;

Sent inappropriate messages and images to others using his mobile phone, and failed to challenge or report the improper conduct of colleagues about the nature of their messages.

Sergeants Oliver Lage and Gregory James Willcox

Both dismissed this year for making and/or failing to challenge racist and sexist remarks. They were covertly recorded.

Inspector Timothy John Ireson

Dismissed in 2021 for failing to set appropriate standards for the team he supervised who were covertly recorded using sexist, racist and homophobic language.

Inspector Tom Haye

Dismissed in 2021 following a breach of the Standards of Professional Behaviour in the strand of Authority, Respect and Courtesy for using discriminatory language in an off duty text conversation.

Constable Jamie Andrew Campbell

Had already resigned, but would have been dismissed for multiple incidents of misuse of police force systems between November 2011 and May 2020.

He admitted accessing others' personal data out of curiosity.

Constable Olivia Lucas

Dismissed 2021 for falsely claiming to be suffering from a medical condition over a period of time resulting in time off being granted.

Also created several forged documents which were used to create animosity within a relationship to the detriment of those within it.

Constable Jonathan Richard Finch

Dismissed this year for breaching the standards of behaviour in relation to honesty and integrity, discreditable conduct, and honesty and integrity, thus amounting to gross misconduct.

Constable Andrew Timothy Sollars

Dismissed in 2021 after being found guilty of committing a criminal offence.

Constable Craig Bannerman

Dismissed in 2021 for covertly recorded making and/or failing to challenge racist, sexist and homophobic remarks.

Constable James Philip Oldfield

Dismissed in 2021 after being covertly recorded making and/or failing to challenge racist, sexist and homophobic remarks.

Officer also attended work whilst unfit due to alcohol consumption the previous evening.

Constable Ben Jevons

Dismissed in 2020 after being stopped by a traffic officer in Hayling Island after exiting the Yew Tree pub.

He consented to having a drug wipe test which was positive for cocaine.

Constable Claire Proudfoot

Dismissed in 2020. It is alleged the officer had claimed to have visited a victim of crime as instructed by her Sergeant when she had not and then falsified the Hampshire Constabulary Computer System which purported to indicated that the officer had.

Constable Thomas Richard Welling

Dismissed in 2019 for misuse of warrant card in nightclub whilst off duty, homophobic language towards staff at the club.

Sergeant Ian Douglas-Todd

Dismissed in 2020 for driving a motor vehicle whilst over the prescribed limit.

Constable James Robert Street

Dismissed in 2018 for operational dishonesty by theft of monies from exhibits.

Constable Daniel Neligan

Dismissed in 2018 for falsified signatures on official police documentation.