AN ‘OUTGOING’ Andover mother died in hospital following complications from lung cancer, an inquest has found.

Jean Elizabeth Dale-Baker died at Winchester hospital on October 14 2020, just two weeks after having surgery she hoped would improve her quality of life, a coroner’s court was told today (Tuesday, November 23).

Paying tribute, the 69-year-old’s husband and children said: “She was very outgoing, very sociable, loved life at 100 miles-per-hour. She was stubborn, single-minded, knew what she wanted. She loved living life. She refused to let anything beat her and she would always do whatever she could to make sure she could live the way she wanted to live.”

Originally from Manchester, Mrs Dale-Baker enjoyed spending time with her large extended family including three granddaughters.

“She loved her granddaughters, spoiled them rotten,” her daughter added.

Having previously battled breast cancer, Mrs Dale-Baker was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2017. She had life-saving surgery, but unfortunately one complication of that was that she developed a bronchopleural fistula, a hole in her respiratory system.

Dr Martin Chamberlain, of Southampton general hospital, told the Winchester Coroner’s Court that a fistula is a “rare” complication. However, although it was successfully repaired once, it returned.

Following advice from Dr Chamberlain that she may not be strong enough for further surgery, on September 30 2020 Mrs Dale-Baker had an elective procedure, which used a glue to fill the hole.

Dr Chamberlain said that he was “hesitant” about the procedure, because he had not conducted it before, but that he had done a lot of research and spoken to a colleague who had successfully completed it before.

Mrs Dale-Baker’s family told the court: “She said it was a reasonably new thing, that it had not been done very often. But she was keen to have it done because the impact of the cough was having such a detrimental impact on her life.

“It severely impacted her quality of life, and she wasn’t happy. She couldn’t sleep, she couldn’t eat, it wasn’t her. It wasn’t how she wanted to live her life and she was quite adamant that she wanted this procedure done.”

However, although she was discharged from hospital “fit and well”, later that day she was struggling to breathe. Her daughter called 999 and she was admitted to the Royal Hampshire County Hospital in Winchester

CT scans found she was suffering from a chest infection and artery swelling, thought to be caused by the glue coming ‘“loose”.

On October 3, she underwent a procedure in Southampton to remove the glue, but was readmitted to hospital in Winchester on October 5, from which point she “deteriorated rapidly”, the court heard.

She suffered cardiorespiratory failure and sadly passed away in hospital in the early hours of October 14 2020.

Speaking in court to the doctor, her family added: “We would like to have it on record that we are extremely grateful to you, Dr Chamberlain. You saved our mother’s life. We got that extra time with her, and we really appreciate everything you have done.”

Area coroner Jason Pegg recorded a narrative conclusion, adding: “Jean Dale-Baker was clearly a very much-loved wife, mother and grandmother. It is quite apparent that the care provided did give Mrs Dale-Baker those extra years with her loved ones.

“It is quite evident to me that she was someone who loved life and passed that on to her loved ones.”

A tribute page was set up in memory of Jean Dale-Baker, which raised more than £1000 for Naomi House & Jacksplace hospice charity.