TRAINS travelling between Grateley and Andover were slowed down this afternoon following reports of a trespasser on the railway line.

Officers were called to the line near Andover railway station at 1.23pm today (Tuesday, November 30) following reports of a trespasser.

Andover resident Manuela Wahnon, who was travelling home by train this afternoon, said: “When we left Salisbury, the chap said, just to let you know, if anyone is trying to get a connection in Basingstoke it will be tight, because there are trespassers on the line between Grateley and Andover so they are going to have to go slowly."

She continued: “I personally didn’t notice a difference, but he wanted to warn people.”

A British Transport Police spokesperson told the Advertiser: “Trains were put on caution for a short while as a search was conducted, however no one was located.”