TV'S best known archaeologists met up with one of the academic world's most respected archeological figures for a unique programme to be broadcast later this year - and it all happened in and around Andover.

Channel 4's Time Team are best known for their popularising of archaeological excavations, often done against the clock while Oxford University Professor Sir Barry Cunliffe is renowned for his painstaking professionalism returning to sites for lengthy examinations over a course of years.

Under normal circumstances their paths wouldn't cross but in a special programme Time Team's Tony Robinson is seen interviewing Sir Barry at Danebury.

Filming also took place at Andover's Museum of the Iron Age on a Sunday, members of Andover's museum committee were told.

Museum curator Jenny Stevens, said: "You never know quite what will be broadcast when people come and film. It may turn out we will be on for half a minute but hopefully it will remind people that we are here."