AN ANDOVER man who was depressed following the breakdown of his marriage, died after taking an overdose at his home, an inquest heard.

Ian William Gleed, 51, notified friends that he had taken an overdose on April 7, 2021, at his home on Bridge Street.

The 51-year-old father of two was pronounced dead by paramedics after they arrived at the scene.

An inquest into his death was held at Winchester Coroner’s Court on Thursday.

The hearing was told that in November 2020 his marriage ended, which was an extremely painful time for Mr Gleed.

He had suffered from various health problems, which included periods of depression, and he had recently moved to a new flat after moving out of the house he shared with Mrs Gleed.

The inquest heard a statement from his mother Brenda who told him to “keep his head high” following the end of his marriage.

She said: “The last couple of weeks of his life were difficult and he had split from Amanda and was struggling being away from his children.

“He seemed to be happy."

She added: “I told him to hold his head high.”

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Mr Gleed also fell ill with Covid and was taken to hospital in December 2020, which he struggled to recover from.

The inquest heard how he had sent flowers to several members of his friends and family with a note to say ‘thank you’, which they received after his death.

Rosamund Rhodes-Kemp, area corner, said: “Taking into account all the evidence from friends and family, everyone described him as happy, friendly and never unpleasant and he was also very loyal.

“He was close to his mother, and he really did adore his children and his work colleagues also describe him as being both gentle and kind.”

Ms Rhodes-Kemp continued: “On the 7th April Ian made contact with friends indicating he may have taken excess medication.

“Paramedics were called to his address in Bridge Street in Andover, and he was then pronounced dead at the scene on the same day.

“He had recently split up with his wife and left a note of intend on the table and therefore the conclusion I come to today is suicide.”

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