AN ANDOVER nursery has been highly praised by inspectors and has been rated ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted following a recent visit.

Egg Day Nursery at the Magic Tower Montessori was visited by the education watchdog on March 7 and this week a report into that inspection has been published.

Inspectors observed that children make exceptional progress in what they called a “welcoming and wholly inclusive nursery”.

The report continued: “They show high levels of enthusiasm and are exceptionally keen learners. Children's exemplary behaviour is reflected in their positive attitude towards learning and the thoughtful way they treat their friends. They listen carefully to adults' instructions, show determination to succeed and persevere at tasks they find difficult. Children act with consideration at all times, showing high levels of respect and personal independence.”

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Staff were also praised by the watchdog and were said to “teach with passion, energy and purpose”.

Inspectors said: “The innovative and extensive curriculum promotes all aspects of literacy and numeracy extremely well. Staff know what to teach children and the order in which it should be taught. They shape activities expertly, giving children clear direction and precise explanations to check their understanding.

“Children rapidly gain a wide range of skills in readiness for their next stage in education.”

The report noted that safeguarding was effective, it continued: “They do not shy away from swiftly sharing information or challenging other agencies and professionals when a child might be at risk.

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“All staff show a strong knowledge of child protection issues and are uncompromising in their responsibility to keep children safe.”

Children were seen to be “confident, skilful mathematicians and complete simple calculations with ease”.

It added: “Older children learn about the sounds that letters make and identify these with confidence, for example when sounding out the letters in their friends' names. They develop expert knowledge in topics that interest them and enjoy sharing their knowledge with others.”

Children also “express themselves, confidently using an impressive range of words and speak with increasing confidence and fluency”.

Youngsters in receipt of additional funding and those with special educational needs and/or disabilities are supported to reach their full potential.

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