A PLAN for nine glamping pods on woodland in Weyhill has been submitted to the borough council.

The owners of the woodland space at Clanville have applied for permission to build the luxury accommodation, along with a reception cabin and services unit.

The site is located in open countryside to the north of Weyhill, adjacent to Hillview Farm and to the south of Ramridge Park.

The timber structures would form a camping site with eleven vehicle spaces and would be accessed from an entrance onto Rectory Lane, at the east of the site.

The application follows a very similar proposal for the site, also for nine glamping pods, which was refused by Test Valley Borough Council (TVBC) last year, after it was met with criticism from nearby residents.

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Patrick Grant, said the plans would be “extremely harmful” to the biodiversity of the area.

He said: “A number of protected species will suffer, leading to a loss of ecological habitation for these animals. Woods have a vital role to play in reducing carbon emissions - not increasing them.”

While Mark Mans added: “The volume of activity will inevitably lead to much increased noise levels especially in the evenings and will have an adverse impact on the local area and the adjacent Hill View Farm.”

However, in their supporting documents, the applicants said that the new application “seeks to address” all of the refusal reasons given by TVBC.

They wrote: “The site is in a suitable and convenient location for visitor accommodation, being a short drive from both the A303 and A342, and also within easy access of attractions in Andover and the surrounding countryside.

“The site is located in countryside outside any defined Development Boundary, and is not within a conservation area or subject to any statutory landscape designation.

“This resubmission has been carefully considered with an amended layout and design to ensure that the proposal would have no adverse landscape impact. Particular attention has been given to the siting of the cabins, their design and appearance and the location of the parking areas and pathways.”

The plans will now be considered by TVBC. To view the full application, visit: view-applications.testvalley.gov.uk/online-applications and use reference 22/00963/FULLN.

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