Wetherspoons is known for its cheap drinks, sometimes questionable food and toilets that always seem to be hundreds of stairs away from your seat.

There’s not much to expect when you go to a Wetherspoons, just cheap and cheerful drinks and laughs with friends.

However, many customers take to Tripadvisor to leave reviews of less than cheerful experiences in different Spoons.

Looking at Tripadvisor ratings from customers, here are the best and worst:

The Tilly Shiling

Andover Advertiser: The Tilly Shiling. Credit: TripadvisorThe Tilly Shiling. Credit: Tripadvisor

Where: Victoria Road, Farnborough GU14 8PG

TripAdvisor rating: 4 (398reviews)

The number of 'Excellent' reviews: 128

The number of 'Terrible' reviews: 28

The best rated 'spoons in Hampshire is The Tilly Shiling. Sharing his experience, one customer said: "Two nights in a row we came in here as staying at the Travelodge whilst visiting Farnborough for the Fully Charged Live show.

"Exceptional service from staff especially compared to most Wetherspoons. The food was much better cooked than most Wetherspoons, no delays on food or drinks."

They added: "Manager of the place is clearly very interested in doing a good job, staff smiling and happy to be there doing their jobs.

"Pleasant place to be with friends or family."

The Standing Order

Andover Advertiser: The Standing Order. Credit: TripadvisorThe Standing Order. Credit: Tripadvisor

Where: 30 High Street, Southampton SO14 2DF

TripAdvisor rating: 3.5 (589 reviews)

The number of 'Excellent' reviews: 133

The number of 'Terrible' reviews: 47

Hundreds of people have taken to sharing their experiences of The Standing Order on Tripadvisor, making it one of the best in the county.

In April one customer said: "Amazing Pub! Very nice and amazing friendly service! I didn’t expect a service and burger like that.

"Lovely people and amazing beer and burgers!"

However, The Standing Order is not without its issues though with some customers reporting sometimes slow service.

One TripAdvsior user wrote:"A couple of us wanted somewhere for a few pints and some scoff, and The Standing Order filled the bill completely.

"It was comfortable enough, clean enough, more than enough choice of food and drink, and we had a great afternoon in there.

"Yes, there were the Covid controls, and yes the staff weren't jumping to attention, but, that's no different to everywhere else at the moment."

The Angel


Andover Advertiser: The Angel. Credit: TripadvisorThe Angel. Credit: Tripadvisor

Where: The Angel, Festival Street Festival Place, Basingstoke RG21 7BB 

TripAdvisor rating: 3 (162 reviews)

The number of 'Excellent' reviews: 22

The number of 'Terrible' reviews: 40

With more 'Terrible' reviews than 'Excellent', The Angel in Basingstoke is Hampshire's worst rated Wetherspoons. 

One happy customer said:"Went for a pre theatre drink then decided to eat there. Not sure what it would be like but it exceeded our expectations for quality and value."

But not every customer at The Angel agreed, with many complaining about rude staff, poor food and unwashed tables. 

One customer said: "A cemetery would have been a nicer place."

"How can a place like this still be licensed, went there literally for some food and a drink, ordered it waited half an hour, no show."

After chasing their drinks to no avail the reviewer explained that a member of staff also insulted them in the process. He added: "Plain horrible and incompitent staff - you don't even get what you order and then get insulted on top of it. Walked out."

See the full list of reviews via TripAdvisor.