AN AUTHOR and adventurer from Andover returned to the town last week to inspire local businesses.

On Tuesday, May 3, Andover Women in Business welcomed businesses from the local area to attend an inspirational networking event, with the guest speaker, Jordan Wylie, delivering an informative talk focussing on positivity and mindset.

Jordan, a TV personality, adventurer, author, and former British Army soldier, is best known for being one of the cast of Channel 4’s Hunted and Celebrity Hunted television series. He was appointed as the national ambassador for the UK Army Cadets in 2018 and is a patron of two local charities; The Abel Foundation and Frontline Children. He spoke passionately about the importance of well-being, sharing his personal experiences faced with his own physical and mental health; he has epilepsy, depression, and anxiety, but overcomes the challenges using the power of positive thinking and channelling his energy into adventure and business for good. Through his adventurous exploits, Jordan has raised millions of pounds for charity, with his latest project, Frontline Children, providing basic education to children from war-torn countries, which saw him recently visiting orphanages in Syria, Afghanistan and Ukraine.

A firm believer in the importance of education, Jordan encouraged everyone to consider learning at any age; he left school without any qualifications but went back later in life to achieve a master’s degree. Despite his celebrity status, Jordan is no stranger to the negatives of modern society, touching on the impact social media has on our lives and giving advice to businesses on strategies for ignoring unwanted attention.

He said: “Trolls will always be there, but you have to block out the white noise.”

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Finally, Jordan advised businesses not to carry dead weight, instead suggesting they focus on loyalty, integrity, and gratitude in order to create a good workforce. He emphasised the importance of surrounding your business and personal life with people who share a positive mindset in order to make things happen.

The event organiser and president of AWIB, Karen Hamilton, added: “It was a great night, with excellent food and great company. Jordan’s talk was thought provoking and inspirational. My thanks to New Street Football Club for hosting, and to Sue Risdale and Leslie Barry for running the raffle, raising £245 for Frontline Children.”

The next Andover Women in Business meeting will be at 7pm on Tuesday, June 7, at The Gin Palace.

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