THE Lights theatre in Andover has announced that the venue has two very different interpretations of one great story coming up on stage.

Coming up first is the traditional telling of Great Expectations from Hotbuckle Theatre on June 8.

Great Expectations tells of the orphan Pip’s journey from boyhood to manhood as he seeks to find his place in an inhospitable world.

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Audiences will be able to follow him from the marshes of Kent to London, where he aims to further his education and become a gentleman with the aid of a large fortune from a secret benefactor.

It is a story of love and loss, of guilt and shame, fear and courage and has some of the most vivid and memorable characters in all English literature from Abel Magwitch to Miss Haversham.

With all the comedy, mystery, violent melodrama, suspense and poignancy of the original, Hotbuckle bring this wonderful tale vividly to life with their trademark live music, multiple characterisation and inventiveness.

Then in a slightly different vein, the critically-acclaimed Pantaloons proudly present an affectionately anarchic adaptation of Charles Dickens’ captivating coming-of-age chronicle on October 22.

Residents can come along and Join Pip the orphan on a journey through his eventful life via hilarious turns and tragic twists; filled with escaped convicts, eccentric spinsters, mysterious benefactors, and gut-wrenching heartbreak.

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The Pantaloons are the “inimitable”(Guardian) and “wholly charming”(Times) touring theatre company bringing a vital sense of “play” back to classical performance.

Tickets for both shows and more are now available.

To book your tickets visit the where more information is also available.

Alternatively you can book your tickets by telephoning the Box Office by calling 01264 368368.

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