A COLLEGE teacher from Nether Wallop is hoping to encourage other people into the profession as part of a campaign being run by the Department for Education.

Susan, 48, from Nether Wallop is a part time Land and Wildlife Management Level 3 teacher at Sparsholt College. After working in the conservation sector for more than 20 years, Susan wanted to share her skills and knowledge with the next generation in the hope she could inspire them to work in the industry.

After her neighbour suggested a teaching role at the local college, Sparsholt College, Susan decided to apply and was offered the job on the same day. She currently lectures Land and Wildlife Management Level 3 students one day a week whilst continuing her role as an Engagement Officer at Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust.

Susan said: “I've gained lots of experience in leading and teaching groups of people of all ages and abilities through my role in the industry. I've also gained a huge amount of technical knowledge during my time in industry which I can pass on to the students.

“It’s such a pleasure to see that students have understood a concept and I love that I can not only teach the theory but I can offer examples of real life experiences from this sector. I enjoy the enthusiasm and the buzz of teaching young people - it's very rewarding when they produce amazing assignments and show everything that they've learnt.”

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Susan is supporting a national Government campaign calling on industry professionals to share their skills and teach in further education, alongside their current job.

She added: “For anyone that’s considering teaching part time while remaining in industry, I’d say it’s a hugely rewarding and worthwhile career. My husband would tell you that when I come home from my day's FE teaching, I am more inspired, enthusiastic and full of energy than at any other time in the week.

“It's true that it gives me so much energy and enjoyment and I have had students tell me that my passion comes through which is great to hear.”

The Department for Education has launched a new campaign, calling on those with substantial industry experience to teach in further education and use their expertise and skills to inspire and train the next generation of workers.

It is looking for Further Education teachers, needed across many subject areas. There is particular demand for workers from the following sectors: Health and Social Care, Construction, Engineering and Manufacturing, Legal, Finance, Accounting and Digital/IT.

Real-life experience is highly sought after, and teaching and other academic qualifications are not always a prerequisite for employment as teachers can start earning straight away and do funded training on-the-job. There are full-time, part-time and flexible contracts available, allowing teaching to balance their hours alongside other professional or personal responsibilities.

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