AN ANDOVER pub is organising a Pride Day next month to celebrate the LGBTQ+ culture.

The Lardicake Public House in Adelaide Road, Andover, is organising the event on Friday, July 29, and will have a prize for the most colourfully-dressed customer.

Amanda Jane Hepburn, the landlady of the pub, said the event will be about having an “all-inclusive, non-judgement” event.

“Although June is the Pride Month, we are organising the event in July because of the availability of artists.

“We came about this idea after a customer asked us if we would do something for the LGBT community. But, most of the artist have already been at events at other places. So that’s why we’re doing it in July.”

The Lardicake event will have a raffle of a customer-made rainbow cake, with proceeds going to charity.

Amanda said all are welcome to join the celebrations.

“It will start at 7pm. We have Hazel Nutts, a fabulous drag artist, also a Diva’s Disco. There will also be a prize for the most colourfully dressed customer.

“We're just hoping it is going to have a lot of support.”

Amanda is also planning to organise it as a day-long event next year if this one is a success.

“We want to organise a family-friendly event so that the younger members of the community would also be able to join,” she said.

“Based on the success this year, we will definitely look at that next year because there doesn't actually seem to be anything for the LGBT community now.”

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