Year 5 pupils from Wellington Eagles and Lions Primary Academies were invited along for a day of interactive fun at The Wellington Academy on Thursday ahead of choosing their secondary school options in a few months time.

Children had a timetabled day with lessons including Science, Design Technology, French, ICT and Performance Arts, and were set a number of challenges such as performing a zombie dance in Performance Arts and designing a vessel that would float in Science.

Pupils of the two primaries were also treated to a free hot lunch and were able to chat to students at the Academy during the day.

Anthony Hughes, organiser of the taster day, said: “They are a great opportunity for any Year 5 to have an experience of what the KS3 curriculum has to offer.”

Referencing the decision parents and pupils must make on what schools they would like to attend, by October 31, he continued: “This isn’t a choice that should be rushed and this is one of many ways here at the Wellington Academy we are trying to help with that decision. It is great to see so many of the Year 5 engaging and enjoying what we have to offer.”

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Asked what they had enjoyed most about the day, one pupil from Lions Primary said: “I really enjoyed doing performance arts because we got to perform in front of each other and dance to Michael Jackson’s Thriller. Everyone was really enjoying themselves.”

Another added: “I really like it, it’s very big so I’m having to ask a lot of people to find my way round everywhere, but it’s been really good so far.”

Steven Paddock, head teacher of the Wellington Academy said: “For the pupils of our feeder primaries to see and feel our culture and community is central to our trust and academy vision of ‘each school within the heart of their community’, so we are really pleased so many have agreed to learn with us for the day.”

Head of Eagles Primary Academy, Sarah Johnson-Motyl, added: “At Eagles, we believe giving our pupils the opportunity to meet their new teachers, see their new surroundings and meet other new pupils in the same situation gives them the confidence to know they have all the skills they need to embrace the next part of their educational journey.

“We plan transition activities throughout the year so they can be excited about their move to Y7 and the knowledge of what is to come dispels any fears. We are delighted to be part of this journey, and to work with our colleagues at TWA to support this exciting process.”

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