A HORSE ride to raise awareness of the risk of driving near vulnerable road users has been deemed a success. 

The Pass Wide and Slow Ride event in Stockbridge received lots of support as riders rode their horses through the town in an effort to make members of the public aware of the correct way to pass horses while driving.

Taking place on Sunday, September 18, the ride saw a group of horse riders ride out from Tiebridge Livery to Stockbridge, before circling round at Longstock and heading back to the livery Yard.

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Riders wore hi-vis jackets with “Pass Wide and Slow” emblazoned on the back, while the horses were followed by a truck carrying a banner detailing the amount of space that drivers need to give horses when they pass.

Certificates and rosettes were presented to the riders at the end to commemorate the event.

Event organiser and Tiebridge Livery owner Sarah Moulton called the ride “a huge success”.

She continued: “All of our riders felt it was a super opportunity to make the public aware of how to pass horses safely on our roads.

“Huge thanks to Kevin Emery for the super photos and not getting mowed down in the middle of the high street!”

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Pass Wide and Slow was started by Diane Ford in 2015 with the aim of informing the public about the dangers of passing horses and cyclists on the road.

The group is campaigning to raise awareness of the proper ways that vehicles should pass horse riders on the road - leaving a gap of two metres and travelling at speeds of less than 10mph.

Pass Wide and Slow has grown in the seven years since its founding, with more than 200 people organising rides up and down the UK in 2022.

More information about Pass Wide and Slow can be found online at the groups Facebook page facebook.com/groups/passwideandslow.