THE MP for North West Hampshire recently met with the Chairman of the Town Council and the Mayor of Whitchurch to discuss the new local plan and wider issues in the town. 

MP Kit Malthouse met with Cllr Tracy Woodruff to discuss current issues.

Kit said: "Councillor Tracy Woodruff and I had a fruitful meeting discussing the future of Whitchurch and the new Local Plan at the beautifully refurbished town hall.

"We ultimately need to strike a fine balance if this lovely town is to prosper in the coming years - young people need homes, and the locally agreed neighbourhood plan is designed to help with that. But we must also be acutely mindful of the character of Whitchurch and the protection of our environment, in particular the AONB. In my experience, local people know best, and I’m glad the town council and conservation groups are working with planners to look at sites, constraints and issues, and come up with a robust plan." 

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They also discussed the River Test.

He continued: "We talked in particular about the precious River Test — it is vital we treasure and protect it and  I’ll be working with the Environment Agency and Natural England to make sure we are measuring phosphate and other nutrient pollution levels regularly and protecting the aquifer."

"If we get this right, Whitchurch will thrive as a happy and healthy town to live in as well as an attractive rural tourism destination for years to come.”