A COMMUNITY garden group has joined forces with a local Co-op to bury a time capsule in honour of the Queen.

The capsule is the result of a collaboration between East Anton Coop and Rooting for Andover and is to be opened in 96 years’ time.

After the sad death of Her Majesty, East Anton Coop’s duty manager Robert Ward set up a book of condolence for local residents to write in to commemorate the life of the Queen.

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The book, as well as pictures and letters from other residents, were sealed into a time capsule and buried in the Poppy Community Garden on Saturday, November 19.

Andover Advertiser: L-R: Luke Munden, Robert Ward and Michael Parker (Credit: Rooting for Andover)L-R: Luke Munden, Robert Ward and Michael Parker (Credit: Rooting for Andover) (Image: Rooting for Andover)Rooting for Andover volunteer Luke Munden dug a three-foot hole near the garden’s newly planted orchard to ensure that the capsule was deep enough to not be affected by frost or moisture.

Augusta Park resident Viktoria Keys donated a plaque which was attached to a stone plinth with instructions for the time capsule to be opened in 96 years’ time.

Robert said: “I wanted to do something for and with the community.

“Having a book of condolence to go into a time capsule enabled people to share thoughts as well as personal items such as photos and family trees.

“What has personally excited me is that the time capsule burial is not the end, but just the start.

“I believe this time capsule is more of a time machine; when it is opened in 2118, they will be taken all the way back to 2022.

“I was truly overwhelmed by the response to the idea and it was a great turn out on the day.

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“Augusta Park is truly a great community to live in and I know I can speak on behalf of all my colleagues that it’s a pleasure to work and serve this community.”

Andover Advertiser: Michael Parker helping to bury the time capsule (Credit: Rooting for Andover)Michael Parker helping to bury the time capsule (Credit: Rooting for Andover) (Image: Rooting for Andover)Meanwhile, Rooting for Andover chairman Michael Parker commented that he “wonders what the community garden will be like in 100 years’ time.”

He continued: “Will the stone marker become a point of interest for people that pass by it?

“Will the fruit trees be big old gnarly trees and will there still be a pond and people still looking after the garden?”