ANDOVER'S MPs claimed more than £600,000 combined in business costs in the last year, according to figures. 

MPs, on top of their existing salary, are entitled to make claims for amounts of money each year, with the total expenses claimed for all MPs in the last year totalling over £135m.

The average MP claimed £208,242.50 in 2022. This, however, differed hugely from some MPs, with some claiming as much as £245,000 in just one month of 2022. 

North West Hampshire MP Kit Malthouse spent the most at £232,325.97, also above the average, throughout the year. He claimed £21,350.93 on office costs and £184,364.48 on staffing. Mr Malthouse also claimed £26,610.56 on accommodation costs.

He said: "All costs are claimed within the budgets allowed with individual claims being carefully scrutinised by the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority, who publish the appropriate details on their website.”

Conservative MP Caroline Nokes, the member for Romsey and Southampton North, spent slightly less at £186,836.55. The MP spent £10,167.39 on office costs and £146,747.44 on staffing. 

In comparison, she forked out just over £6,000 for travel and £23,290 on booking accommodation.

North Wiltshire MP James Gray, whose consistency covers Tidworth, claimed £191,151.58 across the year.

He spent a shocking £16,319.4 on accommodation costs and nearly £10,000 on travel.

The Wiltshire MP also spent £15,634.21 on office expenses and £149,617 on staff.

The Advertiser has contacted both James Gray and Caroline Nokes for a comment but they have not responded.

In an earlier version of this article, we incorrectly reported that Kit Malthouse spent £213,50.90 on office costs and  £266,10.56 on accommodation and it was in fact £21,350.93 on office costs and £26,610.56 on accommodation.