WESTBROOKE Close has been revealed as the most crime-ridden street in Andover, with numerous reports of violence and sexual offences to have happened there.

Here we list the ten streets in Andover with the highest number of crime reports.

The data covers crimes reported in more than 350 streets and is taken from official police statistics.

Crimes are reported as happening “in or near” a street and are the latest published from November 2022. 

Out of the 754 reported crimes that happened in Andover during that winter month, here's a look at the crime hot-spots: 

1) Westbrooke Close, Andover - Crime reports: 11

Varying from violence and sexual offences to public order, Westbrooke Close had the most crimes reported out of all of the roads in Andover.

Andover Advertiser: Westbrooke CloseWestbrooke Close (Image: Google Maps)

2) Mercury Drive, Andover - Crime reports: 11

Also with 11 reported incidents of crime was Mercury Drive, where all incidents that happened were violence and sexual offences.

Andover Advertiser: Mercury Drive.Mercury Drive. (Image: Google Maps)

3) Camelot Close, Andover - Crime reports: 9

A range of crimes were reported on Camelot Close, including anti-social behaviour, drugs, violence and sexual offences, criminal damage and arson and finally burglary.

Andover Advertiser: Camelot Close.Camelot Close. (Image: Google Maps)

4) Spring Mews, Andover - Crime reports: 8

Along Spring Mews there were various reported crimes of theft including shoplifting, theft of a person and bike theft.

Andover Advertiser: Spring Mews.Spring Mews. (Image: Google Maps)

5) Galahad Close, Andover - Crime reports: 7

On Galahad Close there were seven incidents of violence and sexual offences.

Andover Advertiser: Galahad Close.Galahad Close. (Image: Google Maps)

6) Hanson Road, Andover - Crime reports: 7

Once again, on Hanson Road all reported incidents in November were violence and sexual offences. 

Andover Advertiser: Hanson Road.Hanson Road. (Image: Google Maps)

7) East Anton Farm Road, Andover - Crime reports: 7

During November, there were four reported incidents of violence and sexual offences, one incident of shoplifting and one of robbery.

Andover Advertiser: East Anton Farm Road.East Anton Farm Road. (Image: Google Maps)

8) Station Road, Andover - Crime reports: 7

On Station Road, six out of seven reported crimes were burglary and the one remaining was public order.

Andover Advertiser: Station Road.Station Road. (Image: Google Maps)

9) Eastfield Road, Andover - Crime reports: 6

All six reported incidents on this road were violence and sexual offences.

Andover Advertiser: Eastfield Road.Eastfield Road. (Image: Google Maps)

10) Moore Close, Andover - Crime reports: 5

Finally, there were five different crimes reported to have happened on this road including: violence and sexual offences, shoplifting, public order, other theft and anti-social behaviour. 

Andover Advertiser: Moore CloseMoore Close (Image: Google Maps)