NEW development plans and more shops are just some of the problems Andover residents want to see get better in the town this year.

As the first month of the year is near an end, the Advertiser took to Facebook to ask readers what they improvements they would like to see in Andover this year.

Lots of residents said they would like new development plans for the town to take a step forward.

Kristen Henderson posted: "Get started on the new development plans. The town needs a revamp. Whoever has been in charge of Andover the last 10 years needs to give it up to someone with some drive and ambition, It’s just got stale."

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Nina Kilby agreed and shared similar views. 

They posted: "The development will be amazing but let’s hope it’s got shops that people actually want to shop in."

The idea of having new shops open seemed to be the view of many who commented on the post. 

Sharon M Miles shares her thoughts, she posted: "Decent shops, no more, coffee, card or nail, vape shops we have enough."

Meanwhile, George Johnson posted: "Look at what we had major stores and local enterprises: butchers, fish mongers, tailors etc in the 1980 and try to replicate the distribution. Fully agree to get rid of vape, card, some charity and other eyesores. Local Council and our MP need to have pride in our town which has been steadily going downhill for the past 10 years."

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It seems that residents would like to see a better range of shops in the town.

Mal Timmons posted: "Obviously some shops opening again. Clothes, marks and Spencer with home goods and food again. I would love to see the return of independent butchers, grocers etc No more coffee, phones, cards."

Sandra Mellowship wants to see more clothes shops.

She commented: "Shops, not cafes, bookies, nail bars, vape shops - can we have some shops selling clothes, shoes."

With the year only just starting only time will tell what this year holds for the town.