Do you find yourself increasingly speaking with your ‘fingers’ yet simultaneously finding less and less occasions where you can speak and have proper conversations?

Are you like me, finding it increasingly difficult to articulate what you would like to get across because the norm now appears to be texting or emailing?

Do you find that people ‘listen' with their eyes ‘by reading’ but not with their ears, and therefore many misunderstandings happen because the interpretation of the written word is down to the individual’s comprehension of what they have read?

Do you find that though the lack of verbal communication is indicative of the times we are now living in, it’s still nevertheless very sad? 

Do yearn for people to do what they used to, which is chat while you sit and proactively listen?  

So many people are sitting alongside each other, at bus or railway stations, restaurants, in the library, even enjoying coffee in coffee bars, all ‘talking’ furiously into their phones, but with someone that is actually not with them.

I foresee a time when social interaction will not be necessary, as everyone will be able to sit in total isolation, with their own contraptions, whilst having, ‘meaningful communications’ with others.

It’s a sad indication of our times when a person’s company is not as valued as someone's that is on the end of a phone.

Should we not be considering turning the clock back to capture the essence of good manners, where appreciating the one in front of you takes precedence?

I believe that in social interactions as with business ones, the aids we now have at our disposal for communications, are just that, aids.

Cultivating social skills by interacting with others should never be underestimated indeed, charm tone along with eye contact cannot be expressed adequately in the written form.

I can’t think of anything that would impress a lover, friend, family member, visitor, or client more than if you were to put your mobile into silent mode whilst in their company, Indicating to the person you’re with, that they are not only important but worthy of your time, what a priceless gift to give another, actively listening and enjoying each other’s company.