A 14-YEAR-OLD from Andover is determined to open Andover's first cat café, despite struggles with finding a suitable premises. 

After previously being a finalist at the Youth in Test Valley Awards last year, Jack Waue received sponsorship and mentorship from New Street Dental Care in Andover to open his own Cat-Fe. 

Jack's inspiration to open a Cat-Fe in Andover started when he visited Romsey's Paws for Thought in 2019, alongside being a big cat lover - having three of his own. 

However, Stuart Waue, Jack's father, has expressed that they're still trying to sort out premises for the cafe as the location they initially had hoped for asks for a 10-year lease, something which they believe would be brave for a new business. 

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He said: "We haven't written it off though, and have made counter-proposals which we hope the landlord would be amenable to as it's in a part of town that's been relatively unused for a long time. We genuinely believe that having the Cat-Fe there will not only help us but help the surrounding area too."

Jack and his family are also still watching out for other premises nearby, although they are mindful of the costs of some high street properties. 

The Chantry Centre is also unlikely to be a possibility due to the lack of natural light with the cats needing 24-hour access to sunlight. 

While they're waiting for a suitable location, Stuart has been working out some finer details including where they will source their products. They aim to use local suppliers in an effort to further embrace the community aspect of Cat-Fe.

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Stuart added: "Jack's been busy getting back to his education since the New Year, with Catering and Business Studies in his options at school. Whilst his friends are quite excited for when the Cat-Fe opens, a handful has also been less than kind about the idea, but in all honesty, he expected that sort of reaction anyway.

"One of the main reasons behind the slow progress is probably the fact that none of us in the family have ever done this before, and we're trying to get it all together whilst working full time too."

Since the Youth in Test Valley Awards the team at New Street Dental Care has been providing support and guidance to help also make Jack's dreams a reality.