A MAN is hoping to start a Hampshire-wide social media platform in a bid to tackle online exploitation and promote the county.

Gregory Barbosa, 36, has spent the last 10 years creating his idea of a county-wide social media platform to help bring people together in a regulated environment. 

Gregory, a language teacher, has submitted a proposal to Hampshire County Council to create a community-led social media platform to benefit both Hampshire residents and businesses.

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While Gregory believes in social networking, he explained that the issues with larger social media platforms lie with bad public regulation and exploitation of people such as hacking or impersonating.

This is what inspired him to create something different.

He added: "I spent a lot of time reflecting, reading and studying coming up with this idea. Over the years I have waited to see if things would improve with social media, but they haven't - so I decided to do something about it!"

Gregory's proposed online social network is aimed at Hampshire residents, businesses and organisations and will offer four basic functions; network, a board, a forum and a market.

The network functions will enable local people to socialise with one another and find out who is nearby. 

The board function will allow people to post events in Hampshire, including social, cultural, and educational events. 

Thirdly, the board function will provide an opportunity to build interaction and friendship.

Finally, the market will be where you can buy and sell anything you want within Hampshire; giving businesses an opportunity to stand out.  

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Gregory is waiting to discuss what funding is available from the council while exploring other avenues to try and make his dream for a regulated social media platform a reality.

He says he has already received a lot of public interest and if successful with his proposal, Gregory's idea could be rolled out across the whole of the UK covering separate areas.

Gregory, who lives in Petersfield, is also looking for people who can help to advance his project.

For more information contact go@greg-ory.org.