MEMBERS of the community and businesses who have gone above and beyond to help others in Tidworth and the wider area have been celebrated.

Tidworth Town Council hosted a community awards evening on Wednesday, February 8, at the Clarendon Club, in Nadder Road.

Fourteen embers of the community received the certificate of appreciation from the town's mayor Cllr Mark Connolly.

Among the winners was six-year-old Kobie-Beau Millard.

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Kobie was awarded after saving his mum's life in September 2022. Courtney Millard unexpectedly passed out whilst home alone with her three children.

Courtney had lost her pulse, but Kobie called the relevant people who were able to get help to Courtney in time. 

Courtney said: “Sometimes people use ‘you saved my life’ as a figure of speech, but Kobie really did save my life. If he didn't do what he did I wouldn't be here today. He was so brave and I’m super proud of how he handled everything."

Kobie, who is an Arsenal fan, was awarded his certificate as well as a family day out at Finkley Down Farm. On top of this, he was also gifted an Arsenal shirt and tickets to the Emirates Stadium to watch the Gunners play.

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Another winner was Cllr Carrie Moore, 31, from Ludgershall, who has been a member of the Tidworth Town Council for a year.

She was nominated after helping Ukrainian refugees integrate into the Tidworth community, including helping Ukrainians to learn English.

Carrie said: "I wasn't aware I'd been nominated, but it's nice to be recognised by the community. Obviously, the main thing has been making sure that the people coming to Tidworth are matched with the right hosts, but also making sure that the hosts were aware of the commitment to ensure both sides were happy with the arrangement.

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"We've helped with the logistics of the process, to make sure all the help and information that is needed is available and clear, and once the basics are in place, we are helping them to integrate and engage into the community. It's great we have had the opportunity to help."

Cllr Connolly said: "I was delighted to award so many people for the work they do in our community. So many good things are happening and don't normally get recognised."

He added: "I hope we can make this an annual event so that more people get to know about the awards, meaning more people will receive recognition."