Andover Town Council is planning to install five additional speed indicator devices (SIDs) in the town following the success of two installed devices.

The SIDs on Walworth Road and Winchester Road are now operational, and the council is now awaiting approval from Hampshire Highways and SSE for the additional locations on Old Winton Road, Smannell Road, Charlton Road, and Saxon Way.

From March 1 to March 28, 2023, the SIDs recorded an average speed of 29.6mph on Walworth Road and 27mph on Winchester Road, with the highest recorded speed on both roads reaching the maximum speed limit of 60 mph.

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The SIDs on Walworth Road showed that 824 vehicles per day were traveling at 30mph or under, with 410 at 31-35mph, 206 at 36-40mph, 52 at 41-45mph, and only nine vehicles exceeding 46mph.

On Winchester Road, the SIDs recorded an average speed of 27mph, with three vehicles exceeding 46mph and 26 vehicles traveling at 41-45mph.

The town clerk has also had discussions with deputy police and crime commissioner Terry Norton regarding the potential purchase and use of AutoSpeedWatch cameras in Andover.