Could popular EastEnders character Ronnie Mitchell, played by Samantha Womack, be set to return from the dead?

Womack, who played Ronnie Mitchell in EastEnders up until the character's death in 2017, didn't rule out a return to Albert Square when questioned today on Good Morning Britain (GMB).

Womack's on-screen sister Roxy Mitchell, played by Rita Simons, returned to the show recently - as a figment of her daughter Amy's imagination.

Simons, on GMB last week, said there could possibly be a full-time comeback to the Eastenders.

Questioned about Simons' comments this morning on GMB and whether she too could make a return, Womack said: "I love her positivity. 

"We were seen at the end of the episode floating quite lifelessly in the pool. 

"But I like her positivity."

Womack first appeared on EastEnders in 2007 as Ronnie.

She quit the soap in 2011, and her character was sent to prison.

In May 2013, it was confirmed that Womack would return to EastEnders as Ronnie.

Ronnie was then killed off in 2017. The character drowned after trying to save her sister Roxy from doing the same following an overdose.