AUTHOR and early years practitioner Greg Bottrill visited a primary school in Tidworth to inspire teachers.

Wellington Lions Primary Academy enjoyed the visit by the author of Can I Go & Play Now? who went to The Den Nursery, Reception and Year 1 to observe and help inspire the early year's teachers.

Using his famous drawing club and play projects the author inspires learning through adventure. During Greg’s visit, he gave the school’s subject leaders ideas of introducing learning through play as playtime is an important part of a child’s growth.

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The visit was to speak to subject leaders to help motivate teachers in the early years to link emotion and learning. This was by allowing teachers to use the imagination of the child or objects around to introduce subjects such as maths, English and science in fun ways for the children.

Using a piece of play dough, Greg was able to give a child the ‘power of the pea’ to become invisible and they then went on to share this magic with their friends.

Observing each class, Greg was moved to see staff members put into place the practices he had suggested in previous visits. Drawing club is an adventure for the staff and pupils to experience together, using their curious minds they can explore and bring the world of story to life. Wellington Lions use the drawing club as a tool to introduce maths, science and English, influencing their designs by the subject.

Greg introduced the teachers to the ‘Love Map’, where children can map out their loves and initiate learning through their own loves. He then moved on to talk about the ‘dreaming tree’ a tree that’s magic is sparked after a simple hello from a child. Which resulted in its magic powers allowing exciting objects to appear throughout the day.

Jake Bailey, head of the school, said: “We were extremely happy with our Good Ofsted rating earlier this year for The Den but are always looking at ways to move our learning forward. Greg is a regular visitor to the school and has inspired all of the staff he’s worked with.

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"Our school prides itself in being a school of the curious child and Greg’s work coincides with a lot of our values and practices. The drawing club has proven very popular in our school and the teachers are great at inciting our pupils to express themselves through not only drawing but play.”