A NEW piece of art from a famous Hampshire street artist has appeared in Andover, the first he has done in the town. 

The artwork, which depicts a police officer pointing at a teddy bear holding what looks like a bottle, is located behind the Chantry Centre in Chantry Street, near Marlborough Street Car Park.

Sheets of perspex have been placed over the artwork by the council to 'keep it safe' after an overwhelmingly positive reaction from residents. 

This is the first time Hendog has been to the town, although his work is well known throughout Hampshire.

Hendog, whose identity is anonymous, has put up numerous pieces of artwork in the local area, with a number in both Basingstoke and Winchester.

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David Ings, from Andover, was full of praise for the artwork when the Advertiser called by on Thursday, July 6.

He said: "I think it's brilliant. It adds a bit of character to the area and brightens up the place. It's art more than graffiti. I wonder what the message is."

Andover Advertiser: A police officer pointing at the teddyA police officer pointing at the teddy (Image: Mark Paine)

Bernie Collect added: "It's good to see street art, and I'm glad it's something a bit different. I think it's art as opposed to graffiti. If I saw more pieces like this about I wouldn't object to it at all."

Sisters Chris Anderson and Liz Ritchie had been in the area, when they noticed the artwork on Tuesday, July 4.

Chris said: "We couldn't believe it, from a distance we thought it was a Banksy!"

Liz added: "We know the teddy is a continuation of a story so we're interested to see where it goes next."

Test Valley Borough Council leader Phil North said the authority would not be cleaning it off, and he has had a sheet put over it to protect it.

He said: "Like any piece of art, people are already expressing different views and opinions of it - and I’ve been contacted by a number of people asking what the council’s intentions are.

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"So to be clear, I’ve asked council officers to make sure it’s not cleaned off, whilst we decide what to do for the long term.

"I have been in contact with someone close to the artist who has explained to me some of the context behind the piece - actually a series of pieces. She suggested that it shines a light on homelessness.

"Starting with a lost bear in Guildford, a little girl putting up lost bear posters in Camberley and now the bear on a journey through Andover before potentially being reunited in the future.

"I will update residents as soon as I have more information and worked up options but my initial view is that it’s quite exciting to have Hendog paint something like this in Andover."

Andover Advertiser: Teddy moving alongTeddy moving along (Image: Mark Paine)