COUNCILLORS have approved a grant from a charity aiming to support the community with hands-on learning opportunities. 

Rooting for Andover is a charity which aims to co-create community gardens that will serve as vibrant and exciting community hubs, promoting social cohesion, community spirit and sustainability in the town.

Rooting for Andover also support community knowledge sharing, through hands-on learning opportunities on subjects such as sustainable food growing, nutrition, cooking and preserving, energy efficiency, water saving and composting. Surplus produce from Rooting for Andover is donated to communities in need, such as Andover Foodbank.

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The charity applied to Andover Town Council for a grant of £1,000 towards the cost of purchasing a Polytunnel, along with the staging, fixing and base for the structure. 

During a meeting on Wednesday, July 19, councillors were told that Rooting for Andover was donated a Polytunnel when it started up, but it was badly damaged during the winter months, leaving it without an appropriately sheltered workspace.

The charity said it has one Polytunnel used for growing plants in and nurturing younger plants in the cooler months, however it isn’t large enough to be used to house a workspace as well.

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A spokesperson for Rooting for Andover said: "Having this Polytunnel will enable us to carry on our gardening clubs and events through the inclement weather, the winter, which is just around the corner. It will also allow us to continue growing our plants through the cold months. We have plans to increase our area and having this polytunnel would b

Cllr Jason Sangster said: "I really like these sort of projects so I'm very happy that we have received this grant and would be very happy to propose this purchase."

The council voted unanimously in favour of the grant.