A CHARITY promoting conservation and improving access to natural wild spaces was visited by Andover's MP to receive an update on its major project. 

Kit Malthouse dropped in to see Wendy Davis from Andover Trees United to catch up with the progress at Harmony Woods. 

Now that the 12 acres are fully planted and growing well, attention has turned to the management of the full 40-acre site and the part it can play in the wellbeing of Andover. 

Wendy showed Mr Malthouse around the charity's soon-to-be-completed new building, The Cabin, which will provide a base for schools and other community groups to come and explore and learn about the natural world.

The building will be sensitive to its surroundings and sits well in the landscape.

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As previously reported, escalating costs have meant that Andover Trees United has had to spend funds earmarked for the internal fitting on the main build itself. 

In May the charity hosted an auction of promises, held at The Wolversdene Club’s Hayward Suite, and raised a much-needed £3,700.

Wendy also showed him the recent archaeological excavations which uncovered traces of a bronze-age burial mound. 

Speaking about the visit, Mr Malthouse said: “I was very pleased to see that the various trees I have planted there over the years, not least for the late Queen’s jubilee, are all thriving, along with the hundreds planted by a generation of Andover's children.

"In no time, we will be walking in the shade of those trees, and blessing the foresight of those who planted and cared for them. Wendy and her team have been a force for nature and she deserves our admiration and support.”