A VILLAGE near Andover is planning to permanently convert its cricket pavilion into a mixed-use facility that would accommodate both the club and a children’s nursery.

St Mary Bourne parish council has submitted a planning application to the Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council for a change of use of the pavilion at the recreation ground in Bourne Meadow.

The proposed change of use aims to transform the existing cricket pavilion into a mixed-use facility that would house both the nursery and continue to support the activities of the St Mary Bourne Cricket Club.

Currently, the pavilion is rented out by the parish council to Ninny's House, a private nursery, and the St Mary Bourne Cricket Club.

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Ninny's House has been utilising the pavilion since August 2022 during the period when it is not in use by the cricket teams.

The club has senior and junior teams and a Sunday League team.

A collaborative agreement has been established among the parish council, the cricket club, and Ninny's House to ensure smooth coordination of space.

In the planning application, St Mary Bourne parish council chair Oliver Madge said significant efforts have been made to improve the pavilion's interior.

She wrote: “Before starting to use the pavilion in August, Ninny's House renovated the interior, repaired and improved the electricity wiring, bought new appliances, generally improved the facility while bringing it up to standards acceptable for a nursery to be accommodated there, and approved by Ofstead. The Pavilion was then heated and used through the winter, benefitting the building, and any ad hoc maintenance has been organised and paid for by them.”

Parking concerns also have been addressed in the application.

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The decision to accommodate Ninny's House within the pavilion was initially a temporary solution in response to the nursery losing access to its previous premises within the parish.

The new arrangement allowed for continued childcare services for families within the community. The income generated from this partnership has also paved the way for potential improvements in local facilities and infrastructure, as the parish council contemplates the pavilion's replacement and broader renovation initiatives.

To view the application, search with reference name 23/01463/RET in Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council's planning portal.