A DISCOUNT retailer in Andover high street has reopened after it was temporarily closed due to safety concerns.

Poundland at 11-15 High Street was closed on Thursday, August 3, after town centre visitors were alarmed when they witnessed pieces of cement falling off from the top of the three-storey building.

Reacting promptly to the situation, Poundland said it independently made the call to close the store.

The retailer has now confirmed that it has completed the remedial works.

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A spokesperson told the Advertiser: “We have completed the remedial works this afternoon [Friday, August 4] to make sure any render that was at risk of falling has been removed, so the store re-opened in the last hour.  It will be open as normal tomorrow [Saturday, August 5].

The protective fences have been removed now.

The temporary closure was described as a precautionary measure "out of an abundance of caution following the issues with the brickwork."

Photographs of the brickwork's deterioration had quickly spread across social media platforms, raising concerns among shoppers and local residents about potential hazards.

The discount retailer acted swiftly to address the matter and secured the building with a protective fence.

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Signs bearing the warnings ‘Danger do not enter’ and ‘temporarily closed due to maintenance work’ were also displayed to keep the public informed.

Test Valley Borough Councillor for Andover, Iris Andersen said she was one of the persons who reported the incident to the council officers.

She said: “Planning enforcement team went down straight away soon as they'd heard from me. I very much support their help. My concern was for the safety of anybody passing by and make sure we had something in place.”