EIGHTEEN drivers were caught breaking the law along the A303 in five hours, police have revealed.

Among these offenders, one driver was reported for going 93 miles per hour on the 70mph limit road, seven were using their mobile phones and two vehicles were seized for no insurance.

Ten Special Constables from Wiltshire Police's Specials Road Safety Team ran Operation Busline on Sunday, August 13.

Officers used an unmarked minibus as a 'spotter vehicle' to help detect offenders along the stretch of the A303 between Solstice Park and Airman's Cross Roundabout near Stonehenge.

Acting inspector Will Ayres said: “We are grateful to our Special Constabulary for carrying out this operation which further emphasises our commitment to making Wiltshire’s roads safer and targeting those drivers who fail to abide by the law.

Andover Advertiser: One of the damaged tyres.One of the damaged tyres. (Image: Wiltshire Police)

“Some of these offences will no doubt seem trivial to some, but they can lead to serious or fatal collisions on our roads.

“Please ensure your vehicle is roadworthy, and give the road and other road users your full attention at all times.”

Two drivers were issued a producer to prove their driving status and insurance, one was handed a fixed penalty for not wearing a seatbelt, three more were given a vehicle defect rectification scheme for tyre offences and two others were reported to DVLA for road tax offences.