We asked an Artificial Intelligence to show us what it thought Andover people looked like, and the results were terrifying.

There's no doubt that AI technology is creeping into our everyday lives, it can write essays, type out speeches and even create images of everything and anything. 

Film editor Duncan Thomsen recently experimented with the Midjourney software to generate images of what the 'average' person looked like from 13 different UK counties.

AI has notoriously found people quite hard to create convincingly, with many cases of people having far more fingers than usual or faces looking a bit 'off'.

Inspired by this, we wanted to know what it would create when asked to visualise people from Andover.

AI creations of Andover people prove to be terrifying

Andover Advertiser: Two people stand outside a building created by AITwo people stand outside a building created by AI (Image: Canva Text to Image AI/)

The 'Text to Image' AI service on Canva was used to produce some of the images of what 'Andover people' looked like.

From what was created, the AI seems to think people from the town are middle-aged or slightly older. 

Andover Advertiser: AI seems to think Andover has a pretty quiet high streetAI seems to think Andover has a pretty quiet high street (Image: Canva Text to Image AI/)

Many of the images featured a quiet high street, with many walking in groups but a lot of the faces were horrifically distorted.

Additionally, the service DeepAI.org produced an image of a group of people that was equally disturbing. 

Andover Advertiser:

There's no doubt that this is the creepiest image of the lot. Again, AI has struggled to create our faces.


AI is not quite ready to enter the photography world and we're going to be seeing these creepy faces in our nightmares for weeks.