A MOCKUMENTARY promoting Andover and following businesses and charities could be made under plans to improve the town council's media presence. 

The idea has been proposed in a bid to promote the town in a humorous way, but also highlight businesses and charities in the town. 

Andover Town councillor Joseph Hughes proposed the idea at a meeting of the town council on Wednesday, September 20. 

Cllr Hughes contacted Andover College about working on the project together with students. The college reportedly replied saying: "It would be a joy to work with Cllr Hughes and the town council."

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The motion also included the purchase of two microphones for use by the town council in the making of the mockumentary, costing £400. 

Cllr Hughes said: "I've spoken to the media lecturer at Andover College. I've been told that these microphones are the industry standard - I understand they are expensive and there are possibly other options, but really the cost of doing this wouldn't be extensive.

"Phone cameras and videos these days are excellent, so visually it would look good, but without the proper audio equipment it would defeat the point as it wouldn't sound very good."

Cllr Katherine Bird asked whether the purchase of the microphones was necessary, saying that the idea would be a good opportunity to work with both InAndover and Andover College, and in doing so borrow equipment.

Cllr Bird said: "It just seems to me that this is our town centre, and they are already doing an awful lot of work in the town centre, so why not use that expertise, and the network they already have to our advantage."

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Cllr Mark Farren questioned the cost of the microphones, saying: "In the run-up to the previous election, I made a video and used a £25 microphone to do so, and it sounded and looked fine. Rather than doing it ourselves and trying to reinvent the wheel, why do we not utilise the resources in the town to do the same job."

Cllr Stu Waue backed the motion, saying: "I really like this idea, I think we need to be reaching more people that are interested in local politics, and I think Joseph has hit on something that will encourage younger people to get involved. That said, I do have an issue with spending £400 on a pair of microphones."

The motion was carried, with Cllr Farren voting against and Cllr Luigi Gregori abstained.

A mockumentary or mock documentary is a genre of film and television, a parody presented as a documentary recording real life.